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    Sexual Abuse will not Orient you, it will Disorient you!

    Approximately one in six boys is sexually abused before age 16. Often males who have been sexually traumatized and/or abused act out homosexual behavior—also known as homosexual behavioral imprinting. Some of these males are gay or bisexual but most are not. Males who have been sexually abused are often confused about their sexual orientation because of the trauma. These men—gay, bisexual and straight—re-enact the trauma through homosexual behavior as adults.

    The fundamental principle here is that these males are reenacting their sexual abuse, not expressing a homosexual identity. In other words, the behavior is homosexual in that it is male on male. However, the sexually abused male is heterosexual. These men are returning to the scene of the sexual crime and trying to defuse and desensitize their emotional pain unconsciously. In other words they are acting out early childhood sexual abuse.

    These heterosexual men are not gay or bisexual. They do not sexually desire nor are they necessarily aroused by other men. However, they compulsively re-enact childhood sexual abuse by male perpetrators through their sexual behaviors with other men. This has nothing to do with their sexual and romantic identities. When their original trauma gets cleared up, the “homosexual” behavior they’re re-enacting may or may not cease. This isn’t about gayness or bisexuality; it is about sexual abuse.

    I have written significantly on the effects of same-sex sexual abuse by males to male children. I have debunked the myth that an adult male sexually abusing a male child is about homosexuality. It is not! It is about pedophilia, power and abuse, none of which are included in what it means to be an adult gay or bisexual man. Read the article here.


    Resources for sexually abused men:

    1. Malesurvior.org

    2. Menweb.org

    3. Author and Psychotherapist Mike Lew

    4. An excellent resource for males who have been sexually abused can be found at Psychologist Richard Gartner’s website Author and Psychotherapist Richard GartnerAuthor. He has written three books on this topic and is one of the pioneers leading to the healing of males who have been sexually abused. I highly recommend his work.