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    For some straight men, the availability/opportunity for sex is worth getting physical with someone they are not necessarily naturally attracted to. Similar to how in Sex For Money it is the money that is eroticized and not the fact that the partner is male, here it is the act of sex that overrides the gender or sex of the sexual partner. Some of these men could be labeled as Heteroflexible.

    Heteroflexibility is a term that was created to make space for people who do not feel comfortable saying that they are 100% straight but wouldn’t go so far as to say they are bisexual. It is both a technical term associated with sexual fluidity and a label that some people feel comfortable using.

    However, for some heteroflexibility is a label that they are comfortable openly identifying with. The normalization of sexual fluidity has led many--especially in younger generations--to not completely identify as straight or gay. Some men who identify as heteroflexible may find themselves attracted sexually and emotionally to other men to some degree. While it is a label that some individuals use to later come out as bisexual, by definition a heteroflexible man is predominantly attracted to women and will most likely enjoy a happy heterosexual marriage. As in the Bisexual section, any person who is open to having sex with more than one gender is not inherently polyamorous or desires 

    Heteroflexibility for men is generally applicable to those who will have sex with other men only on occasion if the opportunity were to arise. These men are predominantly attracted to women and mostly likely would identify to others and even themselves as straight. Unlike bisexual men who are capable of being attracted to and romantically involved with other men, heteroflexible men generally are not attracted to the men they have sex with, but merely are presented with an opportunity for sex and take it. This is often tied to men with high sex drives, as they have a high interest in sex and other men are more likely to agree to anonymous hookups than women.an open relationship and can certainly be capable of monogamy.