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    Coaching is very effective over the telephone and in person. Coaching is based on helping individuals in the present and future and does not focus on one's past. It is less emotionally based than psychotherapy and more result oriented. While psychotherapy can be described this way, coaching is always this way.

    Coaching can be for yourself individually and/or for you and your partner. My training in Imago Relationship Therapy lends itself well to the telephone coaching given the effective communication exercises that are part of the Imago work.

    • Creating a vision and goal which you wish to achieve
    • Brainstorming and assistance in new ways of thinking and doing things differently to achieve your goals
    • Develop a plan with results that are attainable, measurable and specific with target dates
    • Identify your level of commitment to your goal
    • Staying on track of your intended goal being flexible for adjustments as warranted to the situation
    These questions:
    • What results are you looking for specifically for a coach to help you with?
    • Where are you out of integrity with what you say and what you do toward trying to achieve my goal?
    • What do you want to be held accountable for to achieve this goal?
    • How will you know when this goal is achieved?


    I provide individual coaching to develop and implement strategies to help my clients reach personally identified goals and reach personal satisfaction.

    Coaching is proven to work when there are two factors present:

    • You are willing to make changes in your professional or personal life, and
    • There is a gap between where you are now and where you want to be.

    That is all that is necessary for the coach and client to solve professional or personal challenges and/or design and implement a plan of action. Through an interactive and developmental process, I will help you pursue strategies and solutions designed to move you towards the rapid and satisfying attainment of your personal goals. As a coach I respect, acknowledge, and protect the vulnerability and confidentiality of each client, while constructively holding clients to high standards of self-responsibility and self-accountability.


    If, at any time, you feel that your needs are not being met or you are not getting what you want out of the individual coaching, please tell me, so we can discuss your needs and adjust your coaching program, as needed.