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Gay Guise: What to do when your client has sex with men, but is straight
2007 July/August Psychotherapy Networker Magazine

SO YOU SAY YOU’RE STRAIGHT: The one in five hidden homosexual heterosexuals  by the late Dr Neil McConaghy book proposal placed here on StraightGuise.com with permission by the author’s daughter, Dr. Finola McConaghy.

Contact Dr. Finola McConaghy at the address and phone below:

Dr. Finola McConaghy, Ph.D.
281 Cabbage Tree Rd.
Grose Vale NSW 2753
Phone 0427 427 477



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Straight Men Who Have Sex With Men:  Inside the secret world of the straight guise
Village Voice Newspaper
By Tristan Taormino
Tuesday, July 29th 2008

Hot Man on Man Action (And the Lesbians Who Love Watching It)
In The Family Magazine
By Elizabeth F. Stewart
Summer, 2000

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Are You What You Orgasm
2004 by Joe Kort. All rights reserved

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